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Default Re: This movies connections to Nick Fury vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. (potential SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
I agree with pretty much all of your assessment of the Fury vs. SHIELD angle, but I'll add this in regards to WS himself:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
It might turn out to be that WS' handlers/creators weren't Russian in the MCU at all, and were only indirectly linked to HYDRA....

....Instead, I think he might have been SHIELD all along.

See, to me, it all depends on whether Arnim Zola is still working for SHIELD. I believe he is. At the end of CATFA, he definitely is. And I think CATWS will show that he became a Werner von Braun type figure, who went on to make advanced weapons and tech for his former enemies in SHIELD, up to and including his (in)famous android body/AI. And since we know Zola was the one who at least got the ball rolling on Bucky's brainwashing/body alterations in CATFA, he could've been the one to continue development on Bucky much later.

The area in the Alps where Bucky went down was likely conquered/occupied by the Allies shortly after Red Skull's apparent death and HYDRA's apparent demise. I think it was friendlies who found Bucky's body, and they would've likely returned the "remains" to the SSR as soon as they ID'ed him.

Now, suppose Bucky is still very much dead, and tagged and bodybagged, and his corpse prepped for a veteran's burial in Arlington or wherever. Zola --- still working for the SSR, remember --- in the name of perverse scientific curiosity, examines the body....and discovers that a spark of life remains there due to the experimentation he conducted on him.

He basically turns Bucky's corpse into a Frankenstein's monster of sorts, and eventually begins working with the HYDRA infiltrators in SSR/SHIELD into making Bucky the Winter Soldier we all know and love. Hell, maybe we'll even see some of that infiltration begin in the Peggy Carter TV show.
Well, at least I can tell you that the Russians never would have found him in the Alps. That region was liberated by the US, GB and the French. No Russians anywhere near the Alps except for a small part of Upper Austria which is mostly the northern border of the mountains and from the scenery presented in CATFA doesn't fit that part.

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