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Default Re: This movies connections to Nick Fury vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. (potential SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by cph9fa View Post
Yes, it would. Miniaturized, non-Stark-Tech robotics.

Also, I agree with Sam that the Russians probably have nothing to do with WS (although, his arm does have that red star...)
Eh, a red star is generic enough to have more meanings beyond "USSR," so that one gets a free's not like it's a sickle and hammer sticker on his arm.

I'd be happy as a clam if they *do* keep the Russian angle as an homage to Brubaker; I just don't see any evidence at all of that happening. Plus, Marvel Studios has been pretty PC in not trying to offend any one particular ethnicity in their movies (Chinese, Germans, Arabs, etc.).


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