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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - - - - - Part 16

Originally Posted by Nell2ThaIzzay View Post
There's lots of comics that are far more popular than X-Men that haven't spawned nearly as many movies as people want from X-Men. And I would agree with you that there are more stories to tell, and I have admittedly changed my tune on that. I used to think that the series should wrap up in a nice neat little trilogy package but I have seen that I am wrong in that regard. And there's definitely more that can be told. But I would disagree with you in one regard and that is that not every comic story needs to be adapted to film. Not every comic story is very good. I've read some great ones, I've read some poor ones, and even some of the good stories wouldn't make fir a good movie. There's no reason to adapt every single comic run ever.

But I definitely agree there's enough more material that deserves to be represented in the movie verse to make up another couple few movies. And a reboot isn't needed to do it either.

We already have our recast with First class. They are still under contract. We still have access to the main trilogy cast. And there are still a lot of characters to introduce.

I'd do a 3rd First Class based on the mutant massacre, include Sinister, and then use that introduction to Sinister to make an Age of Apocalypse movie post-Days Of Future Past. And with the age of Stewart and McKellan, they could even lead into an Onslaught style story to justify recasting them as well.

That just gave us 3 more movies without a reboot. Plus a Wolverine 3 is 4. That's an 11 movie series right there. Plus the potential X-Force spinoff.
Oh, I never said every story should be adapted. Far from it. I just said there are many more stories I would like to see. Which is why I'd like to see this series continue. Not necessarily through reboots, but through a loose continuity like Bond.

To be honest, I think every comic film series should eventually turn into a Bond-like series. Have three or four movies that are connected, and then keep going with films that don't have to be connected, but could be.

And really, comic wise, there are only a few titles that are more popular than X-men. It pretty much boils down to Superman, Batman, and Spidey. That's about it. The x-verse has a great mythology. And who knows what will get written in the next few years that might be great to adapt into film?

And that's the key word there, adapt. I don't want to see a straight translation, but adaptations of stories that have been great, because I like to see how things change in transition. Sometimes I enjoy the changed versions more than the origins. Sometimes not, but I always find it interesting to see how it's presented. Which is why I think this series should keep continuing.


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