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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - - - - - Part 16

Originally Posted by Nell2ThaIzzay View Post
As for that kid born in 2002, why is it so hard for that kid to pick up the dvd and watch that? Plenty of movies were made before I was born. That doesn't stop me from watching them.

And 6 of 7 movies still came out during that kid's lifetime.
Here, let me direct you to an updated version of my earlier post, which I think got eaten by Thread Manager on the last thread:

I was 4 in 1978, when Superman: The Movie first came out. My dad, who grew up with Superman comics and the TV series with George Reeves, happily took me to see it. He didn't think "those stories have already been told" and refused to see the new version. Or told me to only watch *his* version of Superman (which was on reruns on weekday afternoons).

Hell no. He happily took me to the new Superman and we loved it (my mom loved it too). He even bought me the program, which I wish I still had.

And he gladly took us to the sequel a few years later. This time, my younger sister and a few of our friends were with us, and I remember us all cheering when Superman asked Zod if he "cared to step outside".

Although we had the good sense to quit the series as it sadly went downhill with the next two sequels...we saw Superman Returns and Man of Steel during their respective releases. Like my dad in 1978, I was ready for Superman to come back. I wanted a new Superman. I want my nephews to cheer it on like we did as kids.

Because Superman is bigger than one TV show, or movie series. As long as there are stories to tell and people to tell them right, they should continue. Especially as times change and stories become relevant to new generations in different ways.

Same goes with X-Men. You do a terrible disservice to that wealth of storytelling if you call it quits after one movie series. Can you honestly say that if some writer comes along in the next few years and writes a definitive X-Men comics arc that virtually cries out for a movie adaptation, it shouldn't be done because, oops, sorry...the movies are done now?

Not every reboot is evil. If it continues something we love and is done right, it's great. You just don't know that because you refuse to see them, which doesn't give you a leg to stand on in this argument.

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