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Default Re: Hugh Jackman IS The Wolverine Thread - Part 1

I think why it works for Batman is pretty obvious - the costume keeps his identity a secret. It also worked for Captain America because he basically started out as a glorified mascot for the US Army. His costume represented his image as Captain America - makes total sense why he would still wear his mask - he's a symbol.

Wolverine, nor many other mutants other than Deadpool, have any reason to wear a mask other than "Well they wore it in the comics." I mean, okay that still doesn't mean it wouldn't look ridiculous on a real live person. Plus, it doesn't particularly add anything to the character or add any sort of meaning. Why have it?

Hawkeye never wore is traditional mask, it doesn't sound like Scarlet Witch will have her useless headpiece in the TA2 - I don't see what the big deal is with Wolvie not wearing the silly mask. Not everything in the comics needs to be translated to film.

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