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Default Re: X-Men: Apocalypse coming in 2016!

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
Possibly in 10 years. But they will more then likely be played by Ashmore and Paquin, because there is no reason to re cast in the future timeline.

Can't make everyone happy by using every character. At least you have 2-4 movies with them. My favorites (minus Wolverine) either havn't been introduced, or have been in one flick.

....and again no roster is announced. So who knows. I can almost guarantee it will be a high profile mix of characters.

If time travel is used again to bring some members from the original timeline to the past or some films are still set in the present, I can see some redemption here. I mostly just want to see some way that Rogue and Gambit can coexist in the same film. Is that really too much to ask? Not every character has to be used in every film but just knowing that they exist is good enough for me.

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