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Default Re: Where does Iron Man 2 stand among other superhero sequels?

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
Cap could. Remember, they said Howard Stark was a founding member of SHIELD. They could try and have SHIELD founded in Cap.

As for Widow, she really does have a not necessary role in the film. She offers nothing Agent Coulson couldn't have. The whole thing about her being in legal could have been written out of the script, and the movie abandons Stark's attraction to her halfway into the film. Even when she goes to get Vanko, all she does is beat up henchmen (that are not in the main fight) and unlock Rhodey from the computer. Rhodey could have been unlocked by the Stark hackers at the expo, as opposed to Widow.

She could have been written out of the movie without having any effect. She was useless.
Coulson couldnt have spied on Stark because his cover was already exposed in IM1. Also, it seemed that nobody could hack into Vanko's systems unless they were using his computer. Which makes sense since he was supposed to be good with computers. So someone had to go there and do that and i doubt that Coulson could have done it. Its not mentioned in the movie so i dont know if it applies, but in the comics Natasha is enhanced like Captain America is. And it was cool, so what's the problem?

I dont see why you guys whine about Natasha. This is the most stupid bandwagon to jump on. "Without Natasha, the film would have been the same. Many posters claim that so i must agree!"
No it wouldnt have been the same and i just explained why. Now if you want to go and change the script so that Natasha wouldnt be needed, fine, but dont pretend that she was useless.

But even if she was, they found a way to use one more comic book character and use her well. What the hell is people's problem? I'm pretty sure that TDK would have been the same without Scarecrow, Maroni, etc. And seeing how Ironman had those lasers, Warmachine wasnt needed to take down the drones! Warmachine shouldnt have been in the movie! The movie sucks!

Get used to superheroes guest starring in each other's movies. Its how its going to be from now on.

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