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Default Re: Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

Originally Posted by TheFlamingCoco View Post

1:18-1:30 is where it's at. Brutal, plausible, fast, intimidating. It neither undermines the dark grittiness of the character, nor makes him dull to watch onscreen. I'd love to see this style for Batman group fighting.

NIce. I agree, that Bats certainly has Rorschach's uncompromising attitude
(and fortunately not his hygiene).

Just a thought, I reckon that if you're going to use Watchmen as a guide, that Batman is more Ozymandias (as in Ozy vs the Comedian in the opening sequence), personally, that was my favourite fight scene (altho
it's more of a beat down, as Comedian didn't have a prayer, but hey, he
had it coming !)


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