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Default Re: Perhaps Rhaegar married Lyanna

Originally Posted by Sakuraba View Post
I'm not saying Jon Snow is a bad guy. You're making an emotional argument for him. In my view he's an oathbreaker, which isn't always the wrong path. Jaime is an oathbreaker, and he's had his balls busted for two decades. According to him though, he saved the city. You're rationalizing his oathbreaking the way Jaime does his own.

I'm sure Jon is about to go north and repopulate the abandoned castles along the wall. But he's still an oathbreaker, and if he were anyone else Ned Stark would take his head
No I'm just accepting the facts. He took an oath that stated his watch would end when he died. He died. His watch was ended. The oath doesn't say his watch ends at death unless resurrected.

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