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Default Re: Plan out the sequels to Amazing Spider-Man

Introduce Norman, and hint at a "war" between him and Tombstone.
Within that, you can introduce Hammerhead and a few others without going TOO in depth. Part 2 could be about Tombstone getting the upper hand on Oscorp, maybe ending in a corporate take over, so Part 3 is kind of like a revenge plot. Maybe introduce the symbiote, and Brock in Part 2. Peter and Eddie go looking into what their dads did. When the two leave, we see the symbiote is missing.
During the mid-movie fight with the primary villain (Shocker maybe? Maybe even Shocker and someone else fighting each other representing Tombstone and Oscborn), as Spidey is fighting him, the symbiote starts latching itself to him mid-fight. He really starts getting pummelled and distracted, and the villain(s) gets away.
Spidey then has to adapt to having this suit on him. Have it really be ALIVE and constantly reacting to him. Sometimes it'll just act up when he's talking to Aunt May or something and he has to awkwardly get out of the situation. Then in the last fight we get Symbiote-Spidey fighting the villain(s), and eventually, in some sonic-blast, the suit retracts. In the aftermath of the battle, the suit is destroyed. At the end we see Brock being turned down by Gwen, and as he goes to leave, we see the symbiote on his back, started to take over him.

This way we've introduced a number of villains without making them all the primary adversaries to Spidey (like in the comics, or hell, how BB introduced Falcone, Flass, Zsaz etc. without making them the main focus)

We also get more insight as to Peter's parents.

We've also set up Venom for his own film, and have learned WHO Norman is. And now, he has Spider-Man who got in the middle of his war with Tombstone, and as a result of this Tombstone's takeover occurs much easier. On top of this, Norman is dying. Not much going in the man's favour!

I would also introduce the Bugle (not Robbie or JJJ yet. Most freelancers don't get to meet the big-guy right from the beginning). Maybe Betty taking the photos to a back office, and coming back out to write him a cheque. This doesn't even need much development. We already know the Bugle is looking for pics of the current events, so just have him coming into the office with pictures at the beginning of the film, and during the end of the first act we see him webbing his camera to a wall in like a 1-second shot, in the midst of a fight. And then at the end of the film, when we see the aftermath in Peter's life (like in the first film), we could see him walking out of the Bugle building.

Harry should also be introduced in this one. Just do it at the beginning. Maybe he invites Peter and Gwen over to hang out, and Harry introduces them. "This is Peter, and his girlfriend Gwen"

Also, at some point we see Smythe giving a tour of Oscorp's prototype gliders and Dr. Ratha is told to fix the serum.

This film takes place during the end of Grade 12 and the summer.

MJ would be introduced early on. This is them going to college now. Maybe have JJJ or Robbie in a scene. See Peter, Harry and Gwen adjusting to college life. All that fun stuff.

Primary villain is Venom. Norman could find out about him, and have him brought in to his office. He begins manipulating Brock into doing his bidding. Venom goes after Tombstone, and is confronted by Hammerhead.

A fight ensues, and Spidey intervenes, knocking Venom throw a window. As he looks out the window Spidey could say something like "sorry for the draft", and then Hammerhead knocks him out the window. On his way down, he webs the sides of the building to catch his fall, only to be tackled in mid-air by venom. He tries at his mask but Spidey scrambles to get him off as they fall. Venom doesn't quit at Spidey's mask. Spidey says "Only the first date, and you're all hands!" (Still in freefall) Venom grabs hold of spidey's neck with one hand, webs the building with the other and pushes his head into the glass side fo the building. Slowly his mask gets torn up, and just as he pulls him back out of the building, he sees it's Peter. Spidey kicks off of Venom and makes his escape. Venom chases after Spidey.

During the chase, webbings is tossed back and forth between them, (only Venom's isn't really webbing, just pieces of symbiote). One of them hits Spidey, and he's now struggling with a tiny piece of symbiote attacking him while he's swinging and webbing back at Venom all at the same time.

Spidey webs a crane, flips around, kicks Venom back, and shoots a web behind him (creating a net between the buildings, high above the city streets). Venom sticks to it as spidey makes his escape.

Norman equips Venom with stronger webbing, and sends Venom to do the work again.

Only now he starts stalking Spider-Man/Peter Parker. Meanwhile, Pete figures out that he wasn't the only one the symbiote latched on to. Eddie must've been hit to. So he finds Brock's appartment, comes in through the window and begins snooping. Just as he goes to leave, wham! Round 2. Once again, a narrow escape.

Norman is pissed, now at how he still hasn't solved the problem. Finally Venom sticks Norman to a wall in anger and tells him that he's dealing with Parker. Norman pulls out what looks like a phone and turns it on. It emits a high-pitched sonic sound frequency. The symbiote begins retracting from Brock, Norman pulls out a green switch-blade and cuts himself free of the webs. He asks about Parker. Brock, under extreme pain, tells him everything. "I don't know why I did it... I just snapped. Gwen would-", Osborn tells him to shut up and then warns him to never challenge him again. He turns off the sound, and walks over to his desk. "Go deal with Tombstone, and I'll gift wrap Parker for you." He then throws Brock an ear piece. Brock puts it on, the symbiote covers it and he leaves. Norman pulls out the green serum from the first film.

So now we're into the 3rd act. We see an intricate break-in at Oscorp (which is Tombstone's new place of operations). Think back to Nightcrawler Vs Whitehouse. He makes his way to the top (on his way up, we cut back to Tombstone being evacuated out to the roof). Venom locates Hammerhead in Tombstone's office and just starts beating the **** out of him. (He'll be established as annoying, so that this beat-down will be incredibly satisfying to everyone). Obviously, on his way up, security is notified, and the police arrive on the scene.

As the police make their way up, Spidey makes his way to the scene, coming in through the window, he sees, Hammerhead, beaten to a pulp on the ground, and webbing all over the place, but no sign of Venom. And then from outside the window, Venom pulls spidey outside, and a fight breaks out on the side of Oscorp tower. We hear a chopper starting up. Venom tosses Spidey and climbs up the building, where Tombstone is taking off. Venom jumps in as it flies away. Spidey is in hot pursuit.

As Brock is tearing the helicopter apart, Norman is screaming in his ear "Brock, where are you?" (we hear a girl screaming in the background). Brock, tears the ear piece from his ear and throws it out the window. Eventually they crash into the Brooklyn bridge.

The chopper has now crashed, and Spidey has arrived on the scene. Spidey and Venom look at each other, when a small pumpkin-like balls lands between them beeping. Venom approaches it, as Spidey backs away. "Brock, stay away from-" BOOM! Both are tossed back, Venom is damaged. Still he gets up, pissed off. The two of them look up to see dozens of the pumkin bombs raining on them. The two of them get out of the way. Spidey swings and crawls up the tower of the bridge, and webs nets partially up, to catch the bombs. Before they land though, he tries to catch whatever ones he can to toss them out of the water with his webbing. Finally he makes his way to the top of the tower, and sees Green Goblin, with a girl tied up behind him, bag over her head.
Gob: "Right back where it all started!"
Spid: "Woah, let's just take it easy there for a minute-"
Gobby holds out another bomb.
Gob: "Not another step walk crawler, or you, me and the girl are all goners."
Spid: "Let her go."
Gob: "So worried about the damsel, before you even know who it is that's in distress!"
He pulls the bag off of Gwen's head. We hear Venom yell NOOO!, and jump at Gobby from the opposite side. Gobby, clicks the sonic emitter with his remote. Venom falls in pain, symbiote pulling back across his body. (Gwen sees who he is). Gobby kicks him off the tower and throws the bomb after him. Just as Spidey goes to jump after him, Goblin grabs Gwen by the hair, pulling her to her feet.
"Not so fast, Parker. Our game is just beginning." Sidey looks back down to see the explosion. The dialogue in this whole scene would obviously be extended to heighten intensity). In this moment, Gobby hits another button on his remote. Spider-sense kicks in, and Peter jumps in the air. The glider appears, flying under Spidey and into Goblin and Gwen, knocking both of them off the tower. Spidey jumps out after Gwen. He webs her feet and pulls himself up. Goblin falls into the water, the Glider is no-where to be seen.

Spidey realises Gwen had died from the impact of the Glider, which he had just dodged.

Spidey 4
Now we get Goblin Vs Spidey. No ********. Mano-a-mano. Maybe Spidey could approach a Tombstone (crippled from the events of ASM3) for some sort of help.

The only problem is that all of the villains are so completely against each other, just as much as they are against Spidey. Doing a Sinister Six plot later would be a LOT of work. But there's enough villains now that it could technically be done.

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