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Default Re: Plan out the sequels to Amazing Spider-Man

It would be cool if they start sequel, with couple years away from first movie. Maybe Gwen and Parker are in college, they start their future together. Peter already have have job in Daily Bugle, or he will on start of movie ask for job. This would be good, because we would already establish two main things: spiderman experience in fighting crime, maybe connors would get out from prison on probation sentence (with this you can keep connors helping peter find out truth about his parents, and whole intrigue from first movie ending credits) and you can give new character a chance, someone else like Doc Ock (as Osborne's employe) who couple of years back improved lizard serum as cure for Norman Osborne. You can establish with this Normans intents toward Peter, how he can get closer to Peter using his own son (sending him in same school).

About main villain, it should be someone who have connection with Osborne Company, precisley Dock Ock, or use some Goblin tehnology (Normans ideas not because companys war for army tehnology like in Raimi's first movie, creating tehnology for destroying anyone who threaten him and his empire). This mean Peter Parker and Spiderman (even we know they are same person, but Norman dont). Under this mean Green Goblin is main villain in shadow, we can see him in couple of scene in Norman's behavior, but real psyhical physical villain can be anyone in my opinion.

This are some of my ideas.

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