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Default Re: Plan out the sequels to Amazing Spider-Man

@FeedOnATreeFrog - now THAT would be rad!!! i really think Webb could pull something like that off. one of the things about TASM that really sat well with me was how Webb sometimes seemed to be verging towards hitting upon some underlying creepiness in it's tone. like kind of just in the way some scenes unfolded, how everything was paced or something. that could easily be me projecting, i admit, but if he could nail that, it'd really make his reboot's attention on Pete's parents pay off.

of course, no one wants a creepy Spider-Man movie, that's not what the character is about, but the world around him should be kinda creepy or dreadful somehow.

and the clone stuff in the comics was so poorly done yet had so much potential to be amazing that it seems like a perfect thing to hang this first bunch of three or four movies on, the thing that says, 'This is why this reboot is necessary!'
that and managing to somehow build up to delivering a death of Gwen Stacy that meaningfully translates to moviegoers.

I don't see why you think your points are out of bounds tho, it seems like the kind of thing that everyone would go for right now and that also could make for some good movies.

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