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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 7

rhodey train tony in aerial combat? he seems to be very good at it to me (watch iron man 2 and the avengers)

if anything, tony could benefit from close quarters combat from what we saw of him vs. thor. and even then he did pretty well for himself.

rdj is a martial arts enthusiast, and he's brought that aspect of himself to tony stark. i know tony is a noob at hand-to-hand in the comics, but in these movies he's done well for himself i believe.

now captain america on the other hand; he has shown next to nothing in the way of martial arts prowess. he never got trained in them in the first avenger. and in the avengers, we see him boxing (a missed opportunity to see him learning judo or something) and then in his action scenes he does the same basic attacks as in the first avenger.

Cap, in the mcu, is an inferior martial artist to both his comic book counter part, as well as to iron man himself.

He needs to get some training in by the time cap 2 hits to say the least

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