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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - Part 141

Originally Posted by Tequilla View Post
eheh , at least i would have like to read your opinion about why the gap doesn't work regarding Bruce , or the eventual sloppiness of the movie.

Inventing a theory about the process of writing is still not a fact.

The gap is the most important aspect regarding where Bruce stands at the beginning , and how the journey of the story will affect him as an individual , and us as an audience. I found it particularly well written and quite subtle.
It isn't a theory. Without the 8 year gap the Blake's character wouldn't be old enough. That is fact.

As far as sloppiness I'll add another.

Talia's plot. She spends years slowly gaining entrance into Bruce's life, waits more time on him to build an energy device, then waits even more time for someone to find a way to turn that device into a bomb. She could have purchased a dirty bomb or done any number of things in less than a year so there is that. Bruce even calls her on this when he says "perhaps the knife was too slow." Then there is her sleeping with him instead of, you know, stabbing him while his dick is out. She is incompetent. In the end not only has Bruce killed Ras, and stopped his plan to destroy gotham on two occassions, but he also banged his daughter. Actually that is kind of hillarious when I think about it.

In hindsight, she gets it honestly. Ras in BB wasn't very smart either and dealt in convoluted plots.

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