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Default Re: Why do you hate the patriots?

Originally Posted by Erzengel View Post
Wait, how are you no longer a Jets fan. You go home with the date you brought!!!
Well, Raiders were actually the first NFL team I rooted for, but I decided to shift my support to the Jets after Raiders left Los Angeles, and since I used to live in New York I thought that Jets would be a good team to root for. It was also the time when Bill Parcells became the head coach of the team so it made my decision easier. But recently I decided that I wanted to support more local teams over teams from places like New York, and because L.A. still doesn't have a NFL team yet, I became a Raiders fan again.

I'm trying to do the same for MLB but it's hard to give up on the Yankees because I have cheered for them since '88, and Don Mattingly was/is my favorite baseball player, so I'm rooting for both Yankees and Angels at the same time.

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