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Default Re: Why do you hate the patriots?

Originally Posted by Erzengel View Post
The Fans.

Prior to 2001, Patriot fans were nowhere to be seen, it was pretty much a Red Sox town.

I personally started disliking the Patriots, when a "Yankees" chant broke out after their first Super Bowl win. Yes, a baseball chant during a celebration of a football victory.

But in the end, teams can be disliked for the following reasons:

A) Divisional/Town Rivals (Steelers-Ravens, Giants-Jets)
B) Obnoxious Fans (Philadelphia, New York)
C) Hated players (Lebron, Vick, Roethlisberger)
D) Too Much Winning (Yankees, Patriots, Lakers)

I'm sure after winning 3 Super Bowls, no one outside of the New England area wanted to see the Patriots win their 4th.

Other reasons, Bellichick is just a smug ass in most of his interviews. Maybe he does this on purpose. "We made some plays. They made some plays. But their plays were just a little more playier."
Erz pretty much said it perfectly; the fans are pretty annoying (though they're nowhere near Philadelphia bad), especially all the bandwagoners who aren't even from the New England area who suddenly decided their patriots fans.

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