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Default Re: Ok Guys...Shall we talk DVD/Blu-ray? - Part 1

That's the thing tho, I don't have internet at home, so I can't even use the site version, if it DID work.

To ME it's the fact they say "FREE" when it costs US our card/personal information. That's NOT free no matter how you look at it.
Originally Posted by Silvermoon View Post
There is the web version of the app on the official site: (left hand column select Second Screen Experience, then select "Using a Mac or a PC?" in the window that pops up). My only issue with that is that no matter what you're prompted to sync via either BD-Live if your BR player is enabled for it (which mine isn't) or via an Audio sync (which for some reason, no matter how many times I try, how loud I have my stereo system, how non-existant ambient noise is, the app and/or my laptop isn't able to sync). What makes it more annoying, is that when you look at the FAQs (and I think even the Blu-Ray itself makes mention of this) indicates there should also be an option to do a manual sync (this is what I've done in the past for movies like Tron: Legacy, POTC 4, etc...) - unless I'm blind, there's not a manual sync option anywhere on the web app. It's only via BD-Live or Audio

I've emailed the support address they indicated in the FAQs detailing my annoyance and distress at this.

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