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Default Re: Will Superman have a new costume in Man Of Steel Sequel?

Originally Posted by Zorex View Post
I think you're oversimplifying the way by which the appearance of the suit changes from how it appears to the naked eye to how it appears on film. The appearance of the suit on film cannot be attributed strictly to some filter that's attached to the camera lens to drain all the color and life out of the image. It's a combination of the type of film stock (the actual physical film on which they record the raw material for the film), lighting conditions (and how that light interacts with the dual-layer, blue-textured-fabric-over-silver-muscle-suit construction of the costume), and digital color grading in post-production (where individual elements in any given shot can be lightened, darkened, enhanced, obscured, saturated or desaturated). It's a complicated process with lots of variables, but the end result is the end result as intended by the creative team all the same.

The change in cinematographer for the new film says right away that the suit is going to appear different the next time around. Then again, it's also going to look different because the costume designer says they're tweaking it.
Yep. Simplifying the reason for the way the suit appears in the movie down to just a filter doesn't sit right with me either.

Especially since the suit colors appear different at different times even within the movie.

But even with a better presentation of the suit, I would still prefer if they brighten up the suit itself a bit too.

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