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Default Re: Official (adjectiveless) X-MEN Discussion Thread

Even power-wise he has one of the most unique. We've got all kinds of telporters both short and long range, varying degrees of telepaths and fighters, energy projection up the wazzoo. But virtually no one has ice based abilities. And as you say, the potential for those powers...

They really should mature the guy a little bit just so he becomes more appealing to write. Sticking with his only defining characteristic being class clown just doesn't give writers many places to go with him.

Maybe with the latest crisis over they can go back to squads a little. Whats the point in getting every mutant to gather on Eutopia if there is going to be virtually no organisation. I think its clearly been established that if Scott is going to be a semi-general, then there needs to be protective/reactive teams already in place.

Archangel, Iceman, Psylocke, Gambit, and Rogue would make a good team. Good power mix, good personality mix, and good relationship/friendship/past mix.

Then by all means stick with Scott, Emma, Logan, Colossus, X-23 for a sort of senior team that pops up in virtually every book. But make the books more team based. Throw Pixie and Dazzler in there every now and then.

X-Force, though out in the open now can still function as a stealth team - just not one that's so brutal. More like Steve's Secret Avengers. Warpath, Domino, Cypher, Hepzibah, Logan.

Keep the New Mutants under Sam's leadership, but have them also train the Young X-Men to allow for constant appearances of the students without us being bombarded with Rockslide bragging all the time right before he gets his hand shattered. Cannonball, Magma, Karma, Sunspot, Magick.

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