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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Par

Welcome Aboard Angel! (if I haven't welcomed you already yet. Being the MOD of Thunder has it's disadvantages at times lol)

Yeah I'm wondering if that Lit up table Jane was on, was Sif giving her some of her life-force. Right now, I'm glad it looks like Frigga really liked Jane enough to Guard her, possibilly gave her life for Jane from the looks of the trailer.
Thank You for welcoming me Vartha!
I think the table Jane is on, is her coming back to life, cuz if u look, her face looks black (maybe from the Malekith encounter?) and her clothes are different from when she got transport to Asgard and she's acting like she just came back from the dead more like. And if they decided to pair up Thor/Sif I would be fine with it cuz their canon in the comics but i mean their relationship in general and how they would respond to each other and work as a couple but to me there would be no excitement except u no cute talks and probs flirtations goin on there!!

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