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Default Re: The next Wolverine film?

well there are already hints they are retconing Origins.

Bryan SInger confirmed DOFP future Is 2023.That's possibly nailing down the last Stand to
taking place In 2013 due to his 10 years after last Stand.It's been said wolverine's mind
switch takes place before he meets Stryker.

Origins has wolverine and Sabretooth serving In vietnam.DOFP Is possibly recon that.
Rather you think most or origins Is late 1970's or early 1980's It's hard to reconcile that
to OT taking place In early 2010's.

It's possable Singer wants his flashbacks In X-Men and X2 to be official word on wolverine getting his metal and return to "15 years before OT" date.

I could be wrong but this Is possable.

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