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Default Re: The next Wolverine film?

I'm so torn on this news. As much as I loved The Wolverine (well, 3/4 of it - the last act was just all kinds of wrong, tonally) I was psyched about the idea of some new blood getting to take a stab (no pun intended) at Logan.

I love Hugh's enthusiasm and he's always given the character 100% but I'm just kind of... bored with his interpretation now. Credit where credit is due, The Wolverine did do a bit of correcting the overly-mopey teary-eyed Logan, but man, I just think back to X1 and Logan's opening scene and how badass he was and it just seems like he peaked in that one moment. He never really recaptured that. The pseudo berserker rage in X2 and all the fights in The Wolverine still didn't quite capture what I suppose I'll never see on film so long as these stories are being targeted to families and a pg-13 rating, no matter who wears the claws.

But I think a change of actors - someone who can come in fresh without any baggage and be the brooding, mysterious, gruff loner from frame one - would go a long way in reinvigorating Logan as a character. As it stands, I'll give Hugh and James Mangold the benefit of the doubt for part 3. Maybe third time's the charm here.

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