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Default Re: What you didn't like about Captain America: Civil War - Flaws/Critiques - Part 1

Originally Posted by Kobra
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Ok, honey.

First off all, i never said the movie has no plot. At least quote me correctly. I said that the plot was weak/stupid on several levels. It's not an engaging story. How good do you think CW would be if it was a book? I assume half of the book would be fighting descriptions. Yeah, super interesting.

1. I don't find the whole permise of the movie convincing/interesting. A man who spent years manufacturing weapons that certainly killed a lot of innocents, and was also very active in a few catastrophic battles as Iron Man, suddently feels bad for the death of one boy and decides that he should be controlled by the UN, which may mean not interfering in situations where he actually could stop a lot of people from being killed. I don't see any reason for him to believe that anyone will be safer because of the accords. I don't see any reason for him to be that hurt for the loss of one life, when his past is probably filled with innocent victims.

2. The Sokovia accords are dumb and i don't see any reason for any of the avengers to sign it and accept being controlled by a bunch of incompetent politicians that could never actually save more lives than the heroes did until now. Plus, we are never given a solid example of why the avengers shouldn't act whenever they feel necessary. Pretty much every time i see them in action they're catching bad guys and saving lives. Who would do this job better? The police? C'mon. The permise is just not credible or well established enough for my personal taste. "If we can't accept limitations we're no better than bad guys". Is that your whole argument? Humm, yes you are better than bad guys and the planet earth probably still exists because of you. What's the point?

3. Tony's character is badly written and incoherent. I mean, he is so concerned with safety and the death of inocents but then recruits a kid he barely knows to help him with his personal agenda? Oh, and btw did Spider-Man signed the Sokovia accords? For such a big ass movie, there's just way too much not correctly explained.

4. The whole Zemo's plan is badly written. It is way too dependent of factors he has absolutely no control over. Everything that happens is way too convenient.

5. Poor TWS is responsible for the death of everyone's dad. Couldn't they had come up with something a little different? Two guys in the same movie wanting to beat his ass because of their daddy?

6. The movie is super unfocused. Plots and sub-plots don't really seem to get proper development. The resolutions are basic and not very interesting.

7. The movie is overstuffed with characters that didn't really need to be there but still made it to the movie because MCU is way too concerned about setting up future films. No artistic integrity there. Just business. That consumes a lot of time that could be added to the development of the main plot and the main characters.

8. There's just a lack of epicness to the whole thing. There's just so much punching and kicking and running and jumping and it happens so often that i became so indifferent to it as i am to an horror movie full of gore. There's no cinematic kick to it.

9. There's really no sense of resolution in the movie. Yeah, they disagree a lot, but nothing really seems to get solved. It's like they only present the conflict and that's it. And once again, Marvel didn't really comprimise with anything. Everything about the movie is so safe and calculated that i can't get excited about it.

10. Oh, again...the Sokovia the end of the day, what's the difference? By the end of the movie they were still doing the police's job pursuing one man, accompanied by two brand new heroes that just appeared out of nowhere, but are supposedly "inside the law". Basically in the movie the Sokovia accords exist just for the sake of them having a disagreemet, but we don't really see those who signed affected by it, since they're still doing what they do in every movie, which is taking matters into their own hands and fighting "criminals".

Believe me, i could do this all day. I have a lot more complaints about the movie. I'm just not in the mood to spend hours trashing it. And i'm pretty sure some of you will try to counter my arguments, but believe me, it will be a waste of time. My mind is more than made. Nothing you can possibly say will change my views of the movie. It's just not a very smart film.
First off, cut the condescension. It doesn't make you seem smart or witty, it makes you seem rude and defensive. I made a perfectly logical request, which was for you to explain your views, and if you feel that threatened by a simple question that you need to respond in such a manner, you may want to rethink posting in the forums, because it will happen more than once. I also don't believe I said anything to you that necessitated that kind of response. If I did post something that you construed as insulting, then I apologize. It wasn't my intention, but I don't appreciate needless antagonistic responses either. We're on here to talk about the genre we love, not trade rude comments.

Secondly, I'm glad you did explain yourself, because as I've said before, in the many posts I had read from you, you hadn't. You only made generalized statements and left it at that. I don't agree with many of your assessments, but at least you described them.

I do find it odd that you don't want to discuss them...since that is the entire point of these forums, so I'm a bit confused as to why you would actually want to post about it at all. I know, at least from my perspective, the reason I enjoy coming on here is to talk about my opinions and see how others differ from them. Sometimes they make good points and it changes my perspective. But to come onto the boards with the mindset of "this is what I think I will never change!" Seems a bit...well...pointless. It's a discussion forum, and to discuss, we do talk about our views on these characters that we love. Not a statement forum where we show up, say what we think and leave it at that. That's a bit boring in my opinion. But to each their own.

But thank you for expounding on your opinions. If you'd like to debate them, feel free, because I think there are many story subplots you've overlooked or are simplifying.


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