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Default Student Film help!

So I'm making a film for one of my classes and it's gonna be really short (about 10 minutes long) and we're going to be showing them to the whole school near the end of the year so I really want it to knock people's socks off. But I kinda have some obsticales because this is my first "real" attempt at making something serious. So here are some questions/calls for advice. Any help would be appreciated.

1. One of the characters is a dead little girl (in a ghost form) does anyone good with make up know how to make her appear not to have eyes. Not like overboard bloody but kind of black empty sockets.

2. What's the best way to shoot something steady or slightly shaky?

3. How much music should I use? Every scene or just once and a while?

That's all I have right now because all we have is our script/outline. I'll probably have more questions as I go along. I would really appreciate advice and help because I really want to make this good. And if it helps my movie is an "Insidious" type horror movie. (just not as wild and crazy towards the end) thanks!

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