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Default Re: Student Film help!

Originally Posted by BREAD WARRIOR View Post
Alright well here's an update:
Finished the movie and overall I'm okay with the final product but not super happy. It's not terrible (at least I think) but hey for what I had to work with (almost no budget, limited time, actually about two 2 hour days to do most of the shots.) Plus I edited it in one night. So for the steadicam issue I went with just holding it as steady as possible when I needed to but there were other shots where one of my actresses had to do it and didn't really understand what to do. And I didn't have much time to get super picky. As for the eye make up, I didnt get the look I envisioned but it works to some degree. Not eyeless look but creepy. I might post it later tonight just cause I want some feedback from people that will give me real critiques and not just "it's really good!"

Edit: Here it is for anyone that cares haha:

This was good man. Awesome work for your first time.

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