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Default Re: Student Film help!

That actually isn't too bad. And I'm a HUGE film snob. Especially for visuals and cinematography. So if it was bad, I'd be a real dick about it. But it wasn't at all.

Here's a few random thoughts:

1). The shakiness was probably your most glaring opportunity. Simply holding the camera is never a good idea, it should either be on a tripod or how some type of rigging to secure it to your body to limit unwanted motion.

2). Your second biggest opportunity was lighting; a lot of shots were really, really dark - so much so, you couldn't even really see anything. And in the shots can could be scene, the lighting was so drastically different depending on where, what, and how close you were shooting, it really threw off the whole continuity of the visuals. Lighting is a major part of visual filmmaking, so even if it's just a friend of yours with a fog light taped to a long stick, you should have it so you can light all of your shots correctly and evenly.

3). I actually loved a lot of your usage of continuous shots and panning. The sequence with her in the bathroom was wonderfully done - both with your shot selection, and where your actress placed herself in the frame. Most legitimate movies don't even attempt shots like that, and I loved it.

4). The scope for your story was well selected. A lot of times people seem to reach too far or too big and end up having to tell a story that simply can't be told properly with the resources at hand. However, your story was perfectly tailored to what you had available to you, and it definitely improved the overall product.

So yeah, despite my quibbles, you definitely show some skill there. There's definitely a lot that you need to clean up; continuity errors, smoother transitions with your edits, etc. but for a first attempt it was very good. My only advice would be that you make sure that you learn from your minor mistakes this time, and get them corrected the next time around.

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