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Default Re: Student Film help!

Wow I totally thought this thread had died but today I decided to just check out of curiosity and found some replies lol! Thanks for the critiques I agree with all of them to the fullest extent.

I recently watched it again and all the mistakes jumped out at me SO BAD. Like you said the lighting is totally off and the continuity errors are horrendous. Especially the jacket disappearing, which I knew during filming but I just didn't have any more time. I don't hate the movie by any means but I definitley know if I had more time than was available it would've turned out much better. I actually edited the whole thing on iMovie and I've used it twice before and I think that has a lot to do with the clunky transitions and I think with better software and more practice I could improve that a lot. This definitley isn't the end of my efforts but if it taught me anything is that I have a long way to go.

It really means a lot to get second opinions from someone who knows stuff about film and can point me in the right direction and give an idea of what is holding me back. Another thing that really helps me kind of gauge where I am is the fact that all the things you pointed out are the exact same things I wanted to change upon seeing the finished product in front of an audience. So in that respect I think its a good sign that I'm able to recognize mistakes. That being said it was still good enough for it to win out of the films that played and there was also another movie in the competition that was scary/thriller and people laughed at it and that was my biggest fear when I played mine but people were actually into it and were actually spooked. Thanks again for all the comments it really means a lot and helps!

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