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Default Re: The Season 5 Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Marvolo View Post
That was so awesome!!! So much epicness in 20 minutes. Satine Emperor I also think they are setting up Maul's redemption with Obi-wan trying to get through to him. I dont think he will become a goody good or anything like that but in his own way he is going to redeem himself. Oh, and that shot of the door opening and the battle unfolding in front of obi-wan was great.
Oh, definitely. It would be something along the lines of him sacrificing himself to save Obi-Wan and/or thwart Sidious.

Originally Posted by OptimusPrime114 View Post
What an episode!

Finally, the revelation that Bo-Katan was Satine's sister!!
So, does that mean Korky (Corky?) is Bo-Katan's son?

Originally Posted by Bim View Post

Sidious vs the brothers was awesome. I do wonder what Sidious has planned for Maul. Is it possible that Maul will die a redeemed man somehow? I even felt bad for him in the end.
A lot of that had to do with Obi-wan's comment to Maul about it not being his choice to be evil and then Savage's parting words to Maul as he died. Like I said, I hated Maul coming back as it felt like just fanboy service, but Dave Filoni and company have shown they really know what they are doing!

Originally Posted by Verbal21 View Post
I sure hope not, if they're able to make you feel bad for him, that's one thing and I completely understand that it's only done to make you remember how much more evil Palpatine is, but George dropping the ball on him almost 15 years ago and then all the hard work they did on the show to make him credible again would feel "cheapened" if he got the whole redemption schtick at the end or did something to sacrifice himself to help Obi Wan live or something.

He even said it himself that the Nightsisters didn't take him like they did Savage, he volunteered because he was just that evil. They should let him be evil and die on his own terms. No heroic nonsense.
As far as "cheapened," how'd you feel about Maul cowering and begging to Sidious at the end?

This is probably my favorite episode of the season (probably up there for series as well).

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