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Default Re: The Season 5 Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Spider-Gnome View Post
Oh, definitely. It would be something along the lines of him sacrificing himself to save Obi-Wan and/or thwart Sidious.
Yeah, this is what i meant when i said i could see Maul maybe redeeming himself somewhat before dying. I dont expect Maul to turn into a saint, but actually doing something like this before dying, not to help Obi-Wan and the jedi, but to take revenge on Sidious. Betrayal is the way of the sith. If Maul resented Sidious before, imagine now after that humiliation.

Originally Posted by Spider-Gnome View Post
A lot of that had to do with Obi-wan's comment to Maul about it not being his choice to be evil and then Savage's parting words to Maul as he died. Like I said, I hated Maul coming back as it felt like just fanboy service, but Dave Filoni and company have shown they really know what they are doing!
True. It was just an emotional episode for sure.

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