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Default Re: The Season 5 Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Verbal21 View Post
With all the homages to the movies in this episode, I just thought he was doing the exact same thing Sidious did in ROTS begging for his life. I figured he was just doing that to try to buy some time to come up with something. I was actually expecting him to use the force to grab a lightsaber and try to strike Palpatine one more time but that lightning changed things.
That's the impression I got too. Maul doesn't seem the type to beg or plead under any circumstances, it definitely seemed like he was buying time so he could make another move.

Oh! When Palpatine told Maul that he is "no longer my apprentice" and that he had "found another", I'm guessing that was a reference to Anakin, right? I rambled through my brain-index quickly to try and think of who it might be. Unless there is some other character they haven't introduced yet (which would be cool!) I can only think he's talking about Anakin.

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