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Default Re: Germans. Still Evil?

Americans did more than the indians though, as someone else noted we held concentration camps as well, but that was skimmed over in school. Basically our text books in America are written how the government wants us to see things. For example, think about how different it is in our text books compared to those probably of the native americans and japanese and african americans. We aren't exactly the great heroes in the past we were brought up to believe we were. But, for American schools -- since it's being taught in America -- that's what many youth are led to believe until college for some people are exploring beyond the textbook. Which that alone says a lot about the motivations of the American school system in that being ignored for the large part.

It's the same thing basically for Christianity and how many people don't know what's being hidden by that. The number of people who were converted or killed. The true death count of the holy wars. That we don't know when Jesus was born, died, or raised from the dead and that those dates we stole from pagan holidays in our conversion efforts by throwing them a bone to convert.

When you're a power house, or growing up with a connection to one, you're never told the whole story or at least not the completely truthful one.

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