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Default Re: Batman and nightwing movies going on at same time?

Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
Nightwing would really make a great film once his story as Robin is shown. It could be set in Bludhaven with Deathstroke as the villain, featuring Barbara Gordon as his love interest. It could also help set up a Teen Titans series once JL has already come out.
This is a lot of what I'd like to see. I would love for the Batman reboot to start off with Jason Todd's death,it's ramifications on Bruce Wayne,Dick Grayson already Nightwing and Barbara Gordon already Oracle.

After that a Nightwing solo movie (both flashbacks and present day)that details Dick's journey from Robin to Nightwing,his relationship with Barbara and definitely Deathstroke as the main adversary. If by chance Cyborg is in the first JL film,I'd have him leave the team and form the Teen Titans with Nightwing.

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