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Default Re: The Barry Allen/Flash Casting Thread

To be honest, given the current depiction of Hal Jordan as
an arrogant hot-head, I think Chris Evans would have been perfect.

But back to the Flash.....

I don't get the Aaron Paul rave, yes he's current but is he
super-hero material ?

And, if the CW is doing a Flash show, (hey, I live in New Zealand, Tv here is way behind, we're still on series 2 of Hawai'i five O) then I suppose Grant Gustin will the Flash in the upcoming film.

But if I were in charge of casting, the big question is , is it Wally West or Barry Allen ?

For Barry Allen

1) Bradley Cooper, he's cool, but funny and doesn't take himself that

2) Ryan Reynolds, much better suited to the Flash than GL, could still be
fixed though (again, remember Chris Evans ?) quick witted, smart mouth and the right build.

3) Paul Walker.....Rest in Peace. Enjoyed his F n F films, and apparently he was an all around good guy - embodies the essential decency of Barry Allen (remember this is the guy who sacrificed himself to save the universe back in 1985).

For Wally West

1) Garret Hedlund, not as good an actor as Cooper, but still pretty solid.

2) Logan Lerman, for a younger Wally,

3) Jamie Bell, better actor than both of the above, but would have to master an American accent.

Just IMO though.

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