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Default Re: The Barry Allen/Flash Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Nemeres View Post
Excellent choice.

I think that getting another traditionally hunky guy, even if he's a good actor, is counterproductive to making Flash set itself apart from other superhero franchises. He'd just be "yet another" superhero.

You make a valid point. The Flash needs to be different, and not generic. He's being compared to a couple of Marvel characters.
But I don't want to see an Iron Man/Spider-Man film where the character is called Barry Allen instead of Tony Stark/Peter Parker, and has super speed instead of iron suit/spider senses and web shooting.

Originally Posted by Nemeres View Post

That would turn heads. Unconventional, at this point, can only mean more interesting.
The pic makes him appear a little science nerdish young guy, I guess. It's more Eisenberg than Mazzello. Perhaps we should avoid the worst kind of stereotype characters from every part of the scale, not just muscular guys but also scientists.
But you're right that it should be unconvential and head turning.
I can't stop wishing for Baz to direct a solo Flash. Just bring on the flamboyant and theatrical elements

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