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Originally Posted by GremlinZilla89 View Post
Sorry this is OT, but it won't get any attention in the comics section.

I have yet to read Byrnes Man of Steel. It's one of the few lauded Superman runs I haven't, for some reason. My question is, after his six issues does it continue? And with what issue? I've always had trouble wading through older stories and arcs because I was late to the game as far as comics go.

I'm assuming it's this issue, right?

Byrne's run of Superman is the following:
The Man of Steel #1-6
Superman (Vol. 2) #1-22
Adventures of Superman #424-444 (Byrne actually wrote #436-444, but issues prior are part of it anyway)
Action Comics #584-600
The World of Krypton
The World of Metropolis
The World of Smallville
Superman: The Earth Stealers

Originally Posted by smallville fan View Post
Time to do what my sig suggested lol.

First, can you ask your friend what decade he's living in and whether or not he's left the 1970's/1980's? Tell your friend Superman's been redefined many times over and that actual complexity has indeed been added to the character and that Superman does have flaws. I'd suggest books like Kingdom Come where we see Superman as a complex flawed character. As well as that perhaps have a look at Earth One or watch episodes of Smallville where we see him with very human flaws, I mean for god sake he's lived and raised as a human being. Man of Steel is also the first act of a much larger story in which he grows into that sort of figure.

Overall, I'd say your friend needs to leave the past and look at modern stuff, that's my POV.
Yeah, the guy isn't a friend of mine. His negative comments, all three of these guys, can be found in the 2013 in review where they rank the bad movies. Man of Steel is talked about in Part 1, and Part 3:

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