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Default Could a Legion movie work?

With all the uncertainty as to the future of this francise such as rebooting the francise or continuing with Singer's story or even dropping it in favor of Justice League, there has been a lot of controversy involving all ideas. However could a Legion of Superheroes movie work? Is that a possible route? They could show a young Kent in Smallville as he would then be approached by these heroes from the future as he chooses to join the group to help them defeat a threat as he develops his powers already realizing what he is capable of doing. Its just a thought. It does not have to interfere with any of the other movies as Clark would return to his own time and continue from there. Anyway I thought it could make an interesting discussion, what do you all think? The emphasis would be on a younger Superboy as oppose to Singer or any possible Justice League where he is a bit older.

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