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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Odin couldn't take Thanos on if Thanos had the IG. You left out the main part of that battle in the panels above: namely, that Thanos had come to Odin seeking his help --- to fight Thor. Who not only was gripped with Warrior's Madness, but also had the Power Gem. If it took the combined might of Thanos, Odin, Adam Warlock, and Silver Surfer just to take down Thor with just one Infinity Gem, how the hell could Odin....or Surfer, or Warlock, or Thor, or anyone....stand against someone with all six Gems?
I know, two things here. 1. Did I not mention the IG in my initial post? I think I may have forgot it, but i did go on to say (must have been in another post) that Odin wouldn't even be a threat to Thanos with the IG, and I mentioned how he defeated all the heroes, and basically made galactus and company flee, and defeating eternity. I am pretty sure I mentioned that somewhere lol.

And yes, Odin was in a fighting mood and Thanos and them sought him out, seeking help, but they fought. It still didn't change the fact that Thanos couldn't really hurt him. Though, after the Thanos imperitive, he seemed more powerful.

but ya, thanos with the IG > basically anymore short of the LT

Odin told Loki the reason why he had spared his life: because he wanted him to one day grow up to be the ambassador of peace between the two nations. He kind of lost sight of that along the way --- just one eye and all --- and Loki was left to be "just another relic in Odin's treasury."
Shabingo. I think Anthony Hopkins' Odin is every bit as unforgiving and wrathful as comic-book Odin, but he at least tries to keep peace, and does not suffer lightly those who break the peace...even his own son.
In a way. As for what Elizah said, he most certainly isn't a villain, tmore to him being an ass at times, yeah towards Loki. But again, comic loki has done too much to asgard, etc, that odin has had enough....if you will. However, sometimes I will agree with him. Again, reading up on them online is fine, but I can't stress enough, to get a full understanding of the characters in the comics, people should read the comics, that way they aren't getting a summary, and are actually getting character interaction the way they are written and such. Plus, it's simply more enjoyable.

Not necessarily. Loki never responds when Thor asks him directly who gave him this information, so we won't know if Thor/Asgard were pre-aware of Thanos' existence until later movies, hopefully including this one. I still hold the Infinity Gauntlet in Odin's Treasury as film canon, so I personally believe Odin and Loki and Thor and the rest of Asgard know full well who Thanos is.
as do I. This is why I think Thor questioned him like that. Not a literal question, but a "who showed you this power?" in the sense that.."Loki, don't tell me you have built an alliance with HIM" I think Thanos was in mind when thor questioned loki, which is why he sounded a bit concerned.

Odin SURELY knows who he is at minimum. Especially if the IG in the treasure room holds true. Because they would have had to met, and if they did, it was to most likely stop a universal plan by Thanos. Which would more than likely be relatively known to a lot of people through out the universe.

Only if Thanos had any desire/need to go to Earth. He didn't, until Loki revealed to him that the Tesseract was there, in SHIELD custody.
Which personally, is why I think Thanos is going to be in 3. I will HATE if Thanos' climax is simply an attack on earth. Yes. He has a motive to attack earth, and the avengers. But what about what he was doing before that? What did he need the tesseract for? There has to be more to thanos' story in the MCU than him now "wanting to court death" by fighting the avengers. I think dropping whatever he was going to do, to simply attack earth would be HORRIBLE. I am DYING to see Thanos as a legimate universal threat in the MCU.

Maybe not Odin; but you do bring up a good point: there's a strong likelihood that Heimdall, the all-seeing, should have been able to spot him. Then again, Loki proved in Thor 1 that he's particularly adept at shielding his movements from Heimdall, and he may be the only such person capable of doing that.

Could be Loki's magic.

That's from 2011's Fear Itself miniseries. Which may wind up planting seeds in Thor: TDW and future Thor/Avenger films. What's happening there is that Odin's long-lost brother Skadi, God of Fear, has returned from ancient slumber on Earth and is about to set off Ragnarok. Odin says the only way to stop him is to destroy Midgard, and Skadi with it. Thor is horrified and intercedes on behalf of humanity, and Odin gets pissed and asks his son point blank: "Are you a man or a god? Choose." Thor chooses to be a man, and on the side of Midgard/humanity. We might see a scene similar to that coming to a theater near you this Thanksgiving. [/QUOTE]

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