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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

<a tie-in for Dr. Strange>
Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
I don't know about all of that but I think based on the fact that apparently Malekith can make a copy of a human in the comics, I am suspicious that he may wind up being a Dark Elf or a Malekith illusion spying on Jane and Erik's research, and possibly manipulating matters so the Dark Elves can invade. but that is total speculation.
I suppose you are referring to Malekith enchanting a piece of wood to look like Lorelei and interact with Thor. Lorelei is, of course, Asgardian, although in fairness Thor thought she was Midgardian at the time of that scene.

(And as another aside, Odin looks in on them later and figures out right away that it's actually Lorelei, and that she has tricked Thor. He's totally down with Thor being involved with a woman who is manipulating him with a potion and lying to him, so long as she's not Midgardian. And he's not going to bother to tell Thor about the lie, either. Thanks, dad!)

Getting back to Malekith, he can also ensorcel mortals. If they eat Fae food, they become enslaved. Their bodies remain wherever they were ensorceled, but their souls are displaced to Hel. So in this case, he is not making a copy of the human, but rather subverting his or her will and assuming control of the body. Those thus ensnared appear to be obedient to direction from any of the Dark Elves. And if they eat mortal food, the body perishes.

Malekith can also change his form (as can his lieutenant, Wormwood) and thus impersonate a particular human. It's not clear that all Dark Elves have this power.

It seems logical that he could enchant a piece of wood to look like a human, or that he could put a spell on a Dark Elf to make him or her look like a human. But I have not actually seen that thus far (though I still have lots to read).

All of these remarks are based on what Simonson presents. I haven't had the time to read up on myths surrounding the Fae in general (ie, outside of the Marvel or Marvel Thor contexts) to determine whether these are consistent powers or invented for this storyline.

Originally Posted by LokiDionysos View Post
I definitely loved reading that speculation, it really could be Malekith operating the Boothby character now that I think about it.
Yeah, I think it has merit, too. Either a disguised Dark Elf or an ensorceled human working for the Dark Elves, trying to push Jane and/or Erik in the Svartalfheim direction.

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