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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Well, if Odin's making peace with the Frost Giants is the source of the trouble, it's been simmering for 1,000 Earth years.
this is true.

That seems a bit delayed. So it seems like there would need to be trouble-making in the intervening years to keep the conflict active and eventually cause it to boil over.
My thinking is that they didn't dare question it publically before, but anger had been building and burning them for all that time. Then finally someone tries to do away with the monstrous murderous Frost Giants and he's punished for it... and now Odin appears to be weakening and so not as intimidating as he was 1000 years ago.... maybe... ... but Thor is about to take over and they decide to get together with other forces and realms and strike before that can happen and Thor is even more powerful... per my last summary.

And I continue to like the idea of needing to negotiate some truces with various parties.
Conflict keeps stories interesting, and it gets a bit monotonous if conflict is always clear good guy versus definite bad guy and always solved by bad guy being imprisoned or dying. It's good to inject some "grey" into these conflicts.

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