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Default Re: 3 Reasons "Days Of Future Past" Is Actually X4

Originally Posted by NanaT View Post
I doubt Halle Berry costs that much. You guys think she's the Queen when it comes to movie salaries. She hasn't done many high profile movies, in fact she's mainly done indie movies, her first hollywood movie since perfect Stranger will be The Call.

Halle would more than likely come no matter how much they offered her. (she did Movie 43 for like $800) DoFp is practically a guaranteed blockbuster hit and she's going to need one of them to help reignite her career, depending on how well The Call does.
If you're referring to me above...yes, perhaps I worded that wrongly.

What I meant was: they're not aiming to get every single original cast member back just because they can.

Singer is using the "it may not be right for the story" excuse...which for the film story they're planning, may even be...[gasp] right!

CS/SHH!: Well in the first film...(Bale sees the guy asking the question is wearing a Superman T-shirt.)

Bale: Are you doing that on purpose? You woke up this morning and went "right." (laughing)
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