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Default Re: The SUPERIOR Spider-Man

Just got through the first three issues. I have to say that I thought the third was the best of the bunch. I didn't enjoy the first two as much. I felt the dialogue was too hammy for the most part, not just SpOck himself (who I find it more understandable why his lines would be hammy).

I also felt the story was better. The first issue didn't have too much going on overall and ended with a twist that a lot of people predicted and one that just felt underwhelming and possibly even undermined Amazing #700 and Superior as a book.

The second issue had more of the awkward dialogue (imo) from the supporting cast and by the end I felt it was largely wanting to say why Marvel think MJ & Spider-man shouldn't be together.

The story in the third issue felt more interesting. It gave more insight into SpOck and showed a twist on the 'ghost Peter/memories' element (though I'm a bit on the fence about that last big). The story involving Vulture and Carlie make me wonder where it might go. Though I hope that's not teased little by little for half a year.

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