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Default Re: How could TASM 2 have been better with the elements it already had?

Originally Posted by LEVITIKUZ View Post
How could TASM 2 have been better with the elements it already had?

It couldn't. It just couldn't. Not with the elements the film has.

Everything about the film is bad. I am not hating it is. I wrote in a Word document all the issues this film has. It has a **** ton and that's why I hate it. It's the most unfocused CBM of all time. Batman & Robin is more focused than TASM2. What do you want to focus on with TASM2? Gwen and her death? Sinister Six? Green Goblin? Peter's parents? What is the central point of the film?

Here's all I would take out now here me out:

Rhino in the beginning and end. Just have random thugs but not Alex. This meeting should feature villains who will never become anything. Think how TDK opened. We had Scarecrow to continue that loose plotline at the end of Begins meeting with mob bosses. After we saw Scarecrow, he was gone for the rest of the film. Adding Rhino at the ends makes the film feel too polished. Look at all the Indiana Jones movie beginnings. Raiders was never about the idol in Peru. Temple of Doom was never about the diamond. Last Crusade was never about the golden cross. TASM2 should have opened with something that will never show up again in the plot.

Take out the parents storyline. All of it. Especially that opening.

More screentime between Harry and Peter. Let us see their friendship. Were are told it but never seen it.

No Harry Goblin. **** that.

Don't kill off Norman. Include him. Don't make him become the Goblin.

Take out Gwen's whole storyline about getting into Oxford. Nobody resisters for a college and tries to get in them after gradation. Councilors suggest you apply in your junior year. Plus she's the school's valedictorian. Have her already accepted into Oxford.

Have Peter driving people away. This is different from Raimi Spider-Man 2. Peter wanted a normal life with the Spidey life. Have Peter push his friends and family and Gwen away so he can be Spidey almost 24/7. He does this after the guilt of losing Uncle Ben and Gwen's dad.

Don't kill Gwen yet and **** that on-off stuff in TASM2.

Vulture should be the main villain and I will say my direction with him does feel very Sandmanish but I like it. Marvel Knights Spidey is my favorite Spidey comic behind Spider-Man Blue. In that comic, Vulture has a son and he never really cared about but has come to care deeply for both his grandson and his mother. May Vulture was fired by Norman Osborn in my take also. Now Vulture is stealing money to try to cure his grandson's leukemia. We have a connection between Spider-Man and Vulture. Both are doing things for their loved ones in different ways. Spidey is pushing his loved ones away for fear of loving them. Vulture is committing crimes to save his loved ones.

So in that, cut out Electro & Green Goblin.

Mention how Peter is going to college. I mean people say TASM Peter is smarter than Raimi but isn't it odd how there is no mention of Peter going to college? Hell he says he'll go live in England, not attend college in England. TASM Peter was never accepted into college. Think about that.

Let us see Aunt May as nurse instead of being told it.

**** Fedora man in shadows guy.

Don't make the NYPD look like dumbasses

That's all I got I think.
Agreed with all of this.

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