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Default Re: Official Favorite Quotes From Transformers the Movie

Originally Posted by venomscurse2 View Post masterbaiting? What!? Was I master- Honey this is father son stuff-mom you know I don't ugg masterbait....

Hi! Oh're gorgeous! haha good job son!

Hmmm...the boy's paranorm level states that he wants to mate with the female...

It's Starscream!

You wanna go? If you do..I promise you I'll! Ummm...are you one drugs?

I Am Megatron!

Mikaela! umm..I wanna ride you home! I mean I wanna give you a ride home!

there are millions more
I'm not normally a grammar freak, but this? This is just sad. No offense here, but why would you be "baiting" like in fishing? Its got no I. Future reference.

"Anything Worthwhile is Perishable."
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