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Default Re: How do we avoid the third act curse?

I think studios need to stop thinking in terms of trilogies and more in terms of franchises.

Let's use James Bond as an example.

Now I'm not trying to say all comic movies should be like James Bond, but for it to survive so many years with 22 official movies under his belt, his franchise is obviously doing something right. You have your main core characters(Bond, M, Moneypenny, Q, R, other MI6), familiar roles and trademarks(villains, bond girls, gadgets, action, etc) and you just tell a story in each movie; Sometimes they're relative to each other, sometimes they take a break. And yes, they have their bad movies in the franchise too, but that has yet to stop them, only hold them back a bit.

If the same mode of thinking was applied to comic movies, I don't think we'd have to deal with 3rd movie/trilogy b.s.

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