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Default Re: Coleman Reese is the Riddler

Originally Posted by DaveMoral View Post
I'm watching TDK right now and I'm noticing with Mr Reese something I've never noticed or seen mentioned before. And it makes me believe that while he's not the Riddler he is a defi ite nod to the Riddler. Yeah, his name sounds like Mysteries. More to the point, up to the blackmail scene he has worn the same tie in both his scenes.... and that tie is purple with some kind of greenish motif. I fully expect it in every scene.

*EDIT* Definitely a purple tie in every scene.

I believe he is the Riddler, he learns the identity, he has an interesting name, in the promotional web ads back then I think there was an Edward Nashton in one of them commenting on something, he also draws attention to the tie if you look. I also always wondered if Lau was the Calculator or something.

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