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Default Re: Kevin Feige says no to another Hulk Movie.

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post
I think I'm one of the few who's not completely for the "good" hero. One of the reasons I love Marvel is because their heroes have real personalities and aren't all saints. Just because they're heroes doesn't mean they aren't humans with flaws who make decisions they think have the best intentions but turn out to lead to problems. What made WWH a good story to me is because it didn't portray Hulk as a villain but as a man who had everything taken from him and wanted to make those responsible pay. What would have turned him into a villain is if he would have taken Prof X even after the girl(forgot her name) said what she said.

Also I loved Civil War not just because it was hero vs hero (which I found cool) but because it was about both sides fighting for what they believed in. And for the record if we had superheroes in real life eventually something along the lines of the Superhero Registration Act would come to pass. It'd be inevitable.
Two things.

1. There is a *huge gap* between "heroes are not perfect" and "heroes don't exist"

2. The Registration Act was unjustifiable as only a very little of it had to do with identity and accountability. The rest had to do with enslavement and the burning of the Constitution. The former is moot in the MCU, which. . . just leaves the latter.

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