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Default Re: Avengers Alliance - Part 1

Originally Posted by Webfoot Hero View Post
My luck on the lockboxes ran out last night as I opened 24 one at a time and got no covers. So that makes 5 covers in 48 opened boxes, which equals about what I probably would have gotten opening at 10x. With only 3 covers left to get, may go back to opening 10x at a time.
After getting 3 covers with 23 lock boxes (one at a time), I got another 24 lock boxes and decided to open them one by one again. However, after getting no covers in the first 14 boxes I opened, I decided to go back to 10 at a time but I got a duplicate cover. Not sure how much better it would've been if I had stick to my original gameplan. I have 5/8 covers and I think I'm going back to 10 at a time again.

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