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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman - Part 1

Originally Posted by lc23 View Post
I would be ecstatic if he were the next Bond. However, I'm not holding my breath.
Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
Cavill's already Superman, I'd be kinda disappointed if he were the new Bond, I want to see someone as Bond that isn't already a huge action hero
Originally Posted by Man.of.Tomorrow View Post
But yeah, agree with you about Bond. I actually think he'd make a really good Bond, but also he should get the gig regardless just cause he wears the hell out of a suit. And he has a good frown. Bond needs a good frown, very important!
I think sometimes the obvious choice is the right choice. He is practically born for it and he said in many interviews that he could absolutely love to do it.

He almost won Superman but got to play it years later. It would be karmic justice if after finishing runner-up to Craig the first time around, he gets the part the second time around.

But his fame may sadly work against him and like I said people might consider his casting too obvious.

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