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Default Re: Wonder Woman Thread Reborn! - - Part 11

Wrote this elsewhere:

Wonder Woman has much more situational, spontaneous thinking. In extreme cases, she will be driven to kill or act violent. She doesn't limit herself the way Superman and Batman does, but she does practice restraint.

Whereas Batman inhibits emotion, Wonder Woman involves emotion. At times her emotions does get the best of her, but she also knows to control and manage her emotions in a way that benefits her. Wonder Woman's emotions strengthen her and make her more in-tuned to people's needs despite sometimes steering her in a wrong direction, which realistically happens to everyone. I like that "in the moment" and situational quality she has. Batman plans things ahead with careful strategy; Superman stays above things and acts on principles; Wonder Woman intuitively responds directly and is right in the present. It works nicely with her power because truth is afterall true in the moment.

Wonder Woman will save saved the DCEU 2017!

"I think that [Wonder Woman and Batman] are very Alpha-type." - Gal Gadot
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