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Default Re: Rank the SH reboots (including MOS)

Originally Posted by spider-neil View Post
I have to be the only person who likes Ang Lee's Hulk. Loved the story and the father/son, father/daughter dynamic of the movie. I was engrossed by the story so wanted bothered that Hulk wasn't tearing up ****. I also like TIH. Am I allowed to enjoy both movies equally?

That said, The Avenger's Hulk is easily the best incarnation of Hulk in live action form.
You can like whatever you want. Why let anyone else dictate that? I'm only speaking for myself. AngHulk is the worst because it took what I consider to be the best comic book character AND the best run of a writer on a comic ever(PAD) and just totally bastardized PAD's ideas.

I agree that TA is the best the Hulk has been in live action so far. I'm still not satisfied though. I won't be until the truly get the character right, which for some reason they seem reluctant to do.

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